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Project title: Software Tools for Textile Creatives - OptimTex

Objectives of the project:

1. Preparing new educational materials on up-to-date textile design software applications.

2. Improving employability of textile creatives within industry & research by means of adequate instruments.

3. Fostering digital skills uptake by implementing e-learning instruments, platform and glossary of modern textile terms.

4. Creating educational synergies by enabling student mobility.

Approach of OptimTex:

The main outcomes of the project:

1. A Course of textile software applications with 5 modules:

  1. Design software for weaving
  2. Design software for knitting
  3. Design software for virtual prototyping of clothing
  4. Design software for embroidery
  5. Design software for experimental design of e-textiles;

2. A Guide for tech-transfer and for applying software solutions within textile enterprises;

3. A free web e-learning instrument for quick access to the project’s educational materials;

4. The project’s website with digital & multimedia content on tech-transfer (www.optimtex.eu );

5. A Moodle e-learning platform with implemented courses in national languages (www.advan2tex.eu/portal/);

6. Three Intensive Study Programs - ISP (60 HEI students envisaged);

7. A Glossary with 100 modern textile terms for supporting students during ISP;

8. Six workshops / multiplier events (115 professionals from the textile industry envisaged)

9. Workplan, Quality Management Plan, Dissemination and Sustainability Plan for supporting project management

10. Dissemination: papers, posters, leaflets, press releases, presentations at events & fairs etc.

The OptimTex target group:

A. 60 HEI students

B. 115 Young professionals in textiles

addressed by Intensive study programs & free web e-learning instrument

⇒ addressed by Multiplier events (Workshops)

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